Update an existing workflowr project to workflowr 1.0. If you have an existing project built with a beta version of workflowr (pre-1.0.0), you can use wflow_update to obtain the latest features. However, if you like your current project the way it is, you can continue to use workflowr as you have been by getting the latest bug fixes from workflowrBeta.

wflow_update(dry_run = TRUE, project = ".")



logical (default: TRUE). Preview the files to be updated.


character (default: ".") By default the function assumes the current working directory is within the project. If this is not true, you'll need to provide the path to the project directory.


A character vector of the updated files.


By default, wflow_update is run in dry_run mode so that no unwanted changes are made. Here's how to update an existing project to workflowr 1.0:

# Preview the files that will be updated
# Update the files
wflow_update(dry_run = FALSE)
# Preview the updates
# Publish the updates
wflow_publish("_workflowr.yml", "Update to 1.0", all = TRUE)

Currently wflow_update checks for the following items:

  • Adds the site generator site: workflowr::wflow_site to index.Rmd

  • Replaces html_document with workflowr::wflow_html in _site.yml and the YAML header of the R Markdown files

  • Deletes analysis/chunks.R

  • Removes the imported chunks in the R Markdown files

  • Adds a _workflowr.yml file, but does not change any of the options (so that your site will continue to produce the same results)

  • Removes the workflowr line from include/footer.html (this is now inserted automatically by wflow_html)


if (FALSE) { # Preview the files to be updated wflow_update() # Update the files wflow_update(dry_run = FALSE) }